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We provide a full service property management:

On-Site Property Evaluations:
Our property managers will meet you at your property and, after inspection, provide you with an assessment as to what you should expect your property to rent. We will even make suggestions to you as to what you could do to improve the marketability of property or increase its rental value.

Marketing of Your Property:
Depending upon the type of property you have for rent, on our web-site, place a yard sign at the property, and put it on our housing list available at our office. We are in contact with various relocation firms assisting people moving to the area for other states and other countries.

Screening for Qualified Tenants:
We run a credit check, criminal background and prior eviction records on all potential tenants as well as their guarantors. We thoroughly investigate their rental history and confirm current employment.

Rent Negotiations and Lease Preparations:
You benefit from our years of experience in the rental market. We stay on top of market conditions, analyze each transaction to insure that you receive the highest rental rate possible. We prepare and provide tenants with leases and other documents that conform to the Landlord-Tenant Act of North Carolina. ( see documents tab )

Collecting Rents and Deposits:
Security deposits are collected and placed in a trust account prior to a property being taken off the market. Rents are due the 1st of the month and funds distributed to you by the 15th.

Complete Maintenance and Repair Service Availability:
We have an insured handyman on staff to address small jobs that can be performed quickly and inexpensively. For all major work, we have several licensed contractors that provide excellent service.

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